In 1922, Ebsary Foundation Company began as a partnership between Henry L. Ebsary and a man named Mr. Comer, who was believed to be a Key West Marine Contractor. The first job the Comer-Ebsary Partnership performed was the original City of Miami Docks near the site of today’s Bayside Marina and by 1928 the Comer-Ebsary partnership completed the foundation system for the Second Avenue Bridge over the Miami River.Ebsary Foundation Company was formally incorporated in 1930 by brothers William H. and Henry L. (Lew) Ebsary with initial capitalization of $500. Since 1930, four generations of the Ebsary family have guided the company in its primary construction business of installing all types of foundation systems.

In 1940, Henry L. Ebsary passed the company to two of his sons, William L. (Bill) Ebsary and Richard H. (Dick) Ebsary who continued to manage and grow the company for 35 years. In the late 1940’s Bill and Dick Ebsary purchased the Miami River waterfront property at 2154 NW North River Drive in Miami Fl, where it is headquartered today. In 1975, Dick Ebsary passed ownership of the company to his son Richard W. Ebsary and his cousin Bob Ebsary. Eventually, Richard W. Ebsary purchased full ownership of the Company and remained President and sole owner until 2010. After serving 16 years with Ebsary Foundation Company including12 years as Vice President, Scott A. Alfele, the Great Grandson of founder Henry L. Ebsary, became a share holder and its current President.

Since 1922, Ebsary Foundation Company has continued to provide innovative foundation and construction services to the Southeastern United States and the Caribbean. Ebsary has almost 90 years experience in all types of foundation installation which has provided extensive understanding and expertise in all of Florida’s geotechnical conditions. Since its inception, Ebsary has built numerous landmark and historical structures in South Florida; examples include, large sections of the seawall and bulkhead at the Port of Miami and Port Everglades, the original Pan American Airlines Seaplane Ramp and bulkhead on Dinner Key in Coconut Grove, FL, the foundation system for the Miami Metro Mover and track sections for the Metrorail System; the US Coast Guard Bridge on Miami Beach, and during WWII, the construction of the docks for Miami Ship Building Corp, a contractor building boats for the U.S. Navy.

Ebsary Foundation Company is currently located on the same Miami River property purchased by Bill and Dick Ebsary; which has provided waterway access for its marine equipment. This water access provides the Company with the unique ability to offer a variety of marine construction services.