Foundation Piling

Ebsary Foundation Company installs all types of foundation piling for Building, Civil and Marine applications.


The most common types of foundation piling Ebsary installs include:

  • Augercast Pile

  • Driven Concrete

  • Drilled Shafts

Support of Excavation

Ebsary Foundation Company installs all types of sheet piling and shoring for excavations and retaining walls.


The most common types of shoring Ebsary

installs include: 


  • Steel Interlocking Sheet Piling

  • Anchored or Braced Walls

  • Combination King Pile and Sheet Pile Walls

Sound Walls

Ebsary Foundation Company installs precast Sound Walls for FDOT and private projects across the state of Florida. These walls range in height from 8 ft. to 23 ft. (and taller) and are generally founded on large diameter augercast piles due to Florida’s high velocity wind zones. 

Bridge & Culvert Construction

Ebsary Foundation Company has built pedestrian and vehicular bridges along with water control culverts throughout South Florida.

  • Foundation Installation

  • Cast-in-Place Concrete

  • Substructure Construction

  • Superstructure Construction

  • Utility Work

Marine Construction

Ebsary Foundation Company’s yard is conveniently located on the Miami River, which allows ease of access to perform all types of marine construction on Florida Waterways.

  • Pier and Dock Construction

  • Bulkhead and Seawall Construction 

  • Mooring and Fender Systems

  • Marine Utility Installation

  • Rip-rap Placement

  • Demolition and Repairs of Marine Facilities